Woman allegedly hires assassins to kill husband over ₦400,000 loan 

CITIZENS COMPASS —The Kaduna State Police Command has apprehended a housewife for allegedly hiring assassins who killed her husband over an unpaid ₦400,000 loan.

The incident reportedly occurred in Rafin Guza, situated, Kaduna North Local Government Area of the State.
Sources said the motive behind the killing was as a result of a financial dispute between the couple.

Problem started when the deceased, out of trust, extended a loan of ₦400,000 to his wife to invest in a business endeavor.
However, tensions arose when the husband demanded repayment of the loan, only to be met with resistance from his spouse.

In a bid to evade her financial obligation, the wife allegedly resorted to extreme measures by enlisting the services of a notorious gang leader known as Tola and his associates.
Their mission: to eliminate the husband and silence his demands for repayment once and for all.

Zagazola Makama, a seasoned counterinsurgency expert and security analyst in the Lake Chad region, shed light on the grim details of the case through a post on his social media handle.

He underscored the calculated nature of the wife’s actions, revealing her willingness to resort to violence to resolve the financial dispute.

Efforts to glean further insights from the authorities were met with limited success, as repeated attempts to reach the Public Relations Officer of the Kaduna State Police Command, Mansir Hassan, proved fruitless.

Despite initial contact, subsequent calls went unanswered, leaving many unanswered questions surrounding the investigation.

As the investigation unfolds, the community of Rafin Guza remains gripped by shock and disbelief, grappling with the harrowing revelation of a domestic dispute escalating to such sinister depths.

Authorities continue to urge members of the public to come forward with any information that may aid in unraveling the full extent of this chilling conspiracy.

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