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Bill Gates, Melinda begin assets sharing

By Ade Oye

in their announcement to seek divorce, Bill Gates and wife, Melinda, have begun sharing of assets, with Bill transferring $1.8billion worth of stocks to her.

According to reports, the transfer was like a deposit by Bill, as the divorced couple still have assets in billions of dollars to split.

Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder is the fourth richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of $130billion.

Melinda is expected to be the richest woman in the world at the end of the asset sharing.

The couple, had announced in a joint statement on Monday they were parting ways.

She said In court filings that the 27 years old marriage was ‘irretrievably broken’.

The pair’s divorce settlement hasn’t been finalised in court but they have agreed on some of the terms of their separation, according to court filings.

The Daily Mail reported that the only glimpses into their division of assets will come from SEC filings about how many shares they own in public companies.

Bill has hired 97-year-old billionaire lawyer Charlie T Munger to represent him in the divorce.

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