Mohbad; More controversies on death, marriage

…His last days

CITIZENS COMPASS – The last days of the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba popularly known as Mohbad have exposed the relationship between him and his widow, Wunmi.

An online conversation with the Singer’s father, Joseph Aloba, revealed that Mohbad had long rejected his son, Liam before death came calling.

He claimed that upon his return from the police station where he reported Mohbad’s death, he found that the hair on the deceased’s head had already been shaved. He expressed his confusion and concern, as he had no idea what the shaved hair was used for.

According to Joseph, Mohbad had initially rejected Wunmi’s pregnancy, questioning how she became pregnant after an encounter with a situation that has triggered controversies on social media.

According to victorvictor429, “If Wunmi is clean, why is she afraid of DNA test? Any clean woman accused of infidelity will do anything possible to keep her name clean. I strongly believe that Wunmi knows what happened to Mohbad. All these oloshos supporting bad things, bad things go reach Una. Yeye people.”
percksss__ : “It’s better to be an orphan than to have this man as a father 🤡”
thestudentconnectv : “Someone he dated for 10 years how did he sl££p with her only once? As long as Mohbad didn’t re..ject the child when he was al..if you have no r!get to do that when he’s no m..more”
pwettybeth : “So Mohbad slept with Wunmi once and they dated for 10 years?

Dear ladies everyday before you go out always pray “Lord deliver me from unreasonable men”
veevyann_: “He rejected Liam and he tattooed his name and even did a naming ceremony? Tufiakwa this Man😢”

As the investigation continues, fans and loved ones are left searching for truth and closure. Mohbad’s legacy deserves clarity and justice, and it’s crucial to uncover the facts behind his tragic passing at just 27 years old.

Recall that the Singer died on September 12, 2923 in Ajah and was buried in Ikorodu but Police later exhumed his body for autopsy.

His death sparked protests among fans and friends and some people were arrested in connection with the matter.

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