Portable sleeps in cell, fails to meet bail conditions 

…Arrest sparks controversy 

CITIZENS COMPASS – Popular Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has spent the night in a police cell as he could not meet the bail conditions after his arrest.

Citizens Compass reported that the Singer was arrested on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, for refusing to pay N14m debt when he purchased a G-Wagon from a car dealer in Lagos State.

A source, who spoke to newsmen on Wednesday, confirmed the development

saying when Portable was arrested Tuesday, bail conditions were set for his release but he failed to meet the conditions.

“He is still in police custody as we speak. When he paid N13m for the G-Wagon that cost N27m and refused to pay the balance, the car dealer asked him to return the vehicle when his excuse was that it was bad but he also refused,” the source said.

Spokesman, Lagos State Police Command, Benjamin Hundeyin, also confirmed that Portable spent the night in the cell on Wednesday.

He said the singer was still in police custody at press time.

“He has presented no reliable surety yet so he (Portable) is still with us.”

Meanwhile, some viral videos have captured the moments the singer attempted to evade arrest in the presence of policemen which led to one of the officials giving him a hot chase, caught up with him and pinned him down.

Portable’s arrest has sparked controversies on social media.

While some condemn him for disappointing the car dealer, some said the matter was not a criminal opener.

A social media user wrote, “Finally, Portable don see wahala, wahala, wahala.

“On a serious note, from the facts, as reported, the transaction between Portable and the car dealer is purely commercial in nature. How, then, does the transaction suddenly transmute to a crime? Of course, I know whoever the lawyer of the car dealer is must have included a threat to life to give the car dealer’s petition a criminal colouration so that the Police can assume jurisdiction over the petition. 

“Ideally, the car dealer should have gone to court to claim the balance of the car purchase.

“The police are not a debt recovery agency.”

Another user said, “One thing we should know is that when it’s obvious that it’s a civil matter and of course lawyers will always want to criminalize a civil wrong by using the police as tools to persecute. “Ideally, it is the duty of the police to scrutinize all petitions and direct them to its appropriate channel but NO, they want to do all jobs and reasons you see Enforcement of Fundamental Human suit flying everywhere. Until the court starts awarding damages personally on the police persons and lawyers start enforcing the judgements, I think the police will sit upright and do the right thing. How much is their salary that one will enforce? Please let’s be guided appropriately.”


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