Two First Ladies emerge for Nigerian governor

CITIZENS COMPASS– A recent tweet by an X user has ignited confusion and raised questions about the official First Lady of Osun State, Nigeria. 

The user expressed bewilderment over the presence of two wives of Governor Ademola Adeleke, both with “First Lady” prominently displayed on their X bios.

In the tweet, the user voiced her concerns, seeking clarity on the matter and questioning who holds the official title of First Lady of Osun State. 

The situation has sparked speculation and debate among social media users, with many expressing confusion over the apparent discrepancy.

The tweet highlighted the need for clarification from Governor Ademola Adeleke regarding the designation of his official First Lady. The lack of clarity surrounding the matter has led to speculation and uncertainty among the public, prompting calls for an official statement from the governor’s office to address the issue.

As questions linger and speculation mounts, Osun State residents and observers await further information to resolve the confusion surrounding the First Lady status in the state.

See some netizens reactions below;

@amoda: Osun is on autopilot 😂😭😭😭na dem vote Michael Jackson, make dem ready for drama

@anthonyosazuwa: Make them use roaster na…

@oluwathelma: Osumi..The issue is Titi is more recognized than this other oneI checked their both ig and their husband IG page🤣

@haywhy: You see am? Very irritating fellows. She sha wan insert herself by force causing chaos. They’re actually known for chaos sha

@drjohnafam: Why can’t they all be first ladies.




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