We’ll use technology to curb overspeeding in Lagos, says new FRSC Sector Commander, Davou

...Promises to support NAOSNP walks as media association pays courtesy visit

CITIZENS COMPASS –The new Sector Commander of Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) Lagos Sector Command, CC Patrick Davou Dung has warned drivers to quit overspeeding. He stated that technology will be deployed on Lagos roads henceforth to pick drivers who engage in traffic offence which has been fingered in many crashes.

Davou gave this note of warning when the National Association of Online Security News Publishers (NAOSNP) led by her National President, Comrade Oki Samson paid him a courtesy visit.

Acknowledging the high rate of traffic in Lagos, the new Sector Commander, CC Davou stated: ‘Lagos state is a big city where we have a lot of people trooping in from the airport, seaport, and others come to settle for greener pastures. There is a high volume of traffic in Lagos, we have a lot of work to do. My men will be mobilized to orientate people against overspeeding. We will be using technology that will capture vehicles going above the speed limit. We will use the mobile court to prosecute. We will also have joint zonal patrols with the Ogun state sector.’

‘Now that I am back in Lagos, I promise that I am going to do my best to see how traffic crashes can be reduced to the barest minimum. The Corps Marshal is not happy with the articulated vehicles because of their activities and he has directed us to engage and enforce, the goods that they carry do a lot of havoc when crashes occur.’

He added: ‘We are doing public enlightenment both in print, online and electronic media. NAOSNP will be of very great help. You have been doing it. I want you to do more during my tenure. Let’s increase the tempo of reaching out to the motoring public. Some of them drive under the influence making them to drive recklessly.’

Davou addressed the NAOSNP President and members who visited him over the forthcoming NAOSNP Walks Against Drug Abuse, Cultism, and Domestic Violence. ‘It is a good work you are doing. We will synergize. Whatever program you have and the advocacy road walk, we will give you the men and logistics necessary. We will work together.’

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