Yoruba Indigenes Foundation wants Tinubu to open borders

CITIZENS COMPASS —The Yoruba Indigenes Foundation (YIF), under the leadership of Dr Olumide Aderibole, has advised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to speedily open all borders across the length and breadth of Yoruba land.

In a statement signed by Mr. Sanjo Olawuyi, the Director of Communications and Strategies of Yoruba Indigenes Foundation, on Tuesday, Aderibole said, “From the look of things, the price of rice and other food items in Yoruba land and in other parts of Nigeria, is increasing on weekly basis. In light of this negative development, we are appealing to President Bola Amed Tinubu to urgently declare a state of emergency on the food supply chain system of Nigeria.

“He should speedily open all the strategic borders in Yoruba land. Although the opening of these land borders may negate his economic policy, he has no choice, but to do so, so that the inflow of rice and other food items into Yoruba land will be enhanced, thereby causing a great reduction in their respective prices”

“We appreciate President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s effort so far in tackling this current high food prices in the country most especially the plan to distribute grains and other food items, from the national food reservoirs.

“This is a Germaine approach, but our fear and concern are that we do not want the distribution mechanism of the grains and other food items to be politicised, the same way like that of the COVID-19 era”.

“If the above is not adhered to, the food security architecture of the nation may collapse totally, which may increase the poverty level because Nigerians are currently spending a larger portion of their hard-earned income on food items.

“Another consequence is that malnutrition, epidemic, and related health issues may arise in the nation.
“There is a likelihood of civil unrest and uncontrollable protests, which may result in instability in the country.

“Another is that persistent increase in food prices may cause economic strain in the sense that people will not have a stable income which will greatly affect economic activities”.

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