Yoruba Indigenes Foundation welcomes supporters to 2024 


CITIZENS COMPASS —Yoruba Indigenes Foundation (YIF) has welcomed Nigerians into the Year 2024 expressing hope that they will experience good tidings. 

President/CEO of the Foundation, Dr Olumide Aderibole, expressed tjis in a statement. 

It reads, “Dear esteemed members and supporters of the Yoruba Indigenes Foundation, ss we welcome the year 2024, we would like to extend our warmest greetings and best wishes to all members, friends, admires, associates and supporters of the Yoruba Indigenes Foundation. 

“The dawn of a new year 2024 promises new beginnings, renewed hopes and opportunities to grow together. 

“As we all know that, YIF weaves the threads of mutuality, unity, and understanding for the Yoruba World. These cumulates into the tapestry of our heritage. 

“As the spirit of unity did not hesitate to guide our work, YIF do not reluctant to embrace the diversity that enriches our vibrant communities. 

“As we reflect on the challenges and victories of the past, we are strengthened by our perseverance and the acquired learnings from wisdom. 

“” In this year 2024, I believe that our foundation will be a beacon of fortification, empowerment, promotion of education, cultural preservation and community development. 

“Let us not relent in working together to create an environment, where every Yoruba can grow, reach their God given potentials and resultantly contribute to the development of Yoruba world. 

“As we begin our journey into the 2024, we must carry the torch of public spritness, love, compassion, and mercy. 

“Let our actions speak louder than words and let our collective actions pave the way for a more enlightened Yoruba world. 

May the year 2024 bring peace into our hearts, success into our work and happiness into our homes.

“Let us stand united and steadfast in our determination to build a future that honors our heritage and upholds the aspirations of every Yoruba. 

“In conclusion, we would like to express our gratitude for your relentless support and voracious dedication to the Yoruba Indigenes Foundation. 

“Together, let us make the year 2024 a year that shows the power of our unity and the richness of our foundation. 

“I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Year 2024. 

May the year 2024 be filled with love, success and fulfillment.”


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