Mohbad’s childhood friend speaks on ‘Juju’ allegation 


CITIZENS COMPASS — Prime Boy, the childhood friend of late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, has spoken about the accusation of attacking the singer with ‘voodoo’ on Sunday, after a show in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Amidst the controversies surrounding Mohbad’s death, some people had alleged that his childhood friend had a hand in his demise as he reportedly used a ring to attack the singer, which led to his death.

However, in a post on his Instagram page, the young man denied the accusations, saying he had no reason to hurt the ‘KPK’ crooner.

The man confirmed they both met on Sunday in Ikorodu after Mohbad called to inform him about his return from Nairobi, Kenya. 

He said Mohbad made him meet many people in the music industry, including Bella Schmurda, who gave him a gold necklace worth N700,000.

He said, “I keep seeing a lot of rumours out there saying something happened on Sunday and maybe that led to the death of Mohbad. Nothing happened on Sunday. There is nothing that happened between me and my friend. Mohbad sent me a text on Saturday saying I should come to the Island.

“I was in Ikorodu when he called me. He said come, that he was back from Nairobi. I have a screenshot of the video. He always calls me. I gained a lot from Mohbad. So tell me, who will I gain from now. They are now saying I killed my friend. Why would I do that?

“I did not even fight with Mohbad. Do you know who Mohbad is to me? Mohbad is my childhood friend, my close friend.

“Mohbad gave me free access to be around people in the music industry, including Bella Schmurda. So tell me, who will be like my friend? And you are now saying I killed him. Anyone who said I killed my friend, God will judge that person except I have a hand in it”.

On what transpired between him and Mohbad on Sunday, September 10, he said the deceased was drunk and angry after the Ikorodu show, and the wife can attest to everything that happened.

He said, “Me and Mohbad were on stage together. Mohbad was Fucking high that, day and I knew my friend was drunk…..so he sat down in the car after we came down from the stage. Mohbad sat down and his wife was in our middle. I don’t know anything that happened. He was just angry and saying he wanted to get down from the car.

“Please, I know nothing about it I did not even touch MOH he hit me I did not even do anything God knows his wife was there also and the Prado man and security please do not say what you don’t know make your investigation I did not have any issue with moh he called me all the time I don’t stay with them please and please I know nothing.”


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